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Limitations: The service may not go directly to the private pier of the following hotels in Venice: Duodo, Splendid, Cavalletto, Saturnia, Bonvecchiati, Bonvecchiati Palace, Campo de la Guerra. However, you will be stopped at the closest available point (5 minutes walk from the stop). Passengers: up to 4 people the price remains unchanged; from 5 upwards a supplement of € 10.00 will be applied for each person.
The maximum capacity is 10 people and 12 bags. For crews over 10 people it is necessary to book one or more further motorboats.
Night service: for night transfers (from 22:00 to 7:00) a supplement of € 20.00 will be applied.
For safety reasons, in particular weather conditions (for example in case of fog), the service may not be regular.
Reservations (therefore services already paid for) can be canceled up to two days in advance from the date of the service and the refund will be 70% of the value of the canceled service. At the end of the purchase procedure you will immediately see your printable voucher, and at the same time you will receive an email to keep, which contains a link to the voucher (if you want to print it later). If, however, you do not have to view the voucher or receive the email you can contact us: from Monday to Friday 9: 00-18: 00: +39 041 240 6712 / +39 041 240 6746 / +39 366 825 6174 from 18:00 to 9:00 am, Saturday, Sunday and holidays: +39 041 522 2303
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