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Born on the terrace of the historic Hotel Excelsior on the Lido, the exhibition features, since its dawn, films that came right in the history of cinema: the first to be screened at 21.15 on August 6th 1932, was Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde by Rouben Mamoulian. From the beginning an amazing, endless series of masterpieces lighted up the screen: It Happened One Night by Frank Capra, Grand Hotel by Edmund Goulding, The Champ by King Vidor,Frankenstein by James Whale, ending with the most recent Jurassic Park by Steven Spielberg, Forrest Gump by Robert Zemeckis and the now legendary Eyes Wide Shut by Stanley Kurbick.

The Festival is an annual event since 1935, when, under the direction of Ottavio Croze, the prize to the actors and actresses took the name “Coppa Volpi”. The bond between Ottavio Croze’s descendants and the prize is stillextremly strong: the cups continue to be made, according to tradition, by the historic jewellery that belongs to the family.

The small Venetian island, during the ten days of the kermesse, always puts its best tuxedo on and turns into a small paradise of the “Belle vie”: it is familiar to find actors and actresses sitting at the tables of the historic Lyon’s Club or in the cool shade of the characteristics thatched huts, along the beach of the Lido, everlasting icons of its former glory.

Fans, for years, stroll on the promenade bertween the historic Hotels Excelsior and Des Bains, setting of the timeless masterpiece Death in Venice by Thomas Mann and the most recent The English Patient, hoping to meettheir idols. As in the best screenplays, in Venice everything is possible.

Venice Film Festival means above all parties and smart set: the Venetian palaces are transformed into dream setting for locked down and unique events and for the annual charity galas. At the Lido the patios on the beach hostthese events: kissed by fortune and wearing the right oufit, you can find the door open to get into an extraordinary world that has always sparkled with sequins and tuxedo.

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